Thursday, October 6, 2016

Product Review: Brookside Crunchy Clusters

So Glad I Took the Challenge to #DiscoverBrookside

I recently received a package of Brookside Crunchy Clusters to sample.  I wasn't too sure if I'd like them since I'm not a huge fan of "berry flavors".  Many times these tend to taste fake and too sweet.  However, the word "chocolate" did it for me.  So, I agreed. 

Once I received my package, I didn't have it in my hands for long.  My husband laughingly pulled it away reminding me of my distaste for berry flavoring.  Nevertheless, he relinquished the package long enough for me to grab a nibble.

One word describes the Brookside Crunchy Clusters, "Yum!"  There were no off or fake flavorings.  There was just a nice crunchy, chocolaty, natural berry flavor.  I was very impressed. 

Will I purchase this brand in the future?  Oh yes!

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