Friday, May 20, 2016

Product Review: “Harry Potter” Clothing—a Gryffindor Sweatshirt

Are the “Harry Potter” Branded Sweatshirts Worth the Price?

A Close Look at a Gryffindor Sweatshirt 

I recently visited Universal Orlando Resort to celebrate a benchmark birthday.  My husband and I specifically chose this park because Diagon Alley had finally opened and I’m an avid Harry Potter fan.  It’s a must see for fans.  
One of our four days at the park was unseasonably cold.  I had brought a windbreaker for the occasional rain Orlando delivers, but wasn’t prepared for goose bumps.  I could have purchased a sweatshirt or sweater at any of the multitude of gift shops in the park (s).  Nevertheless, what’s the fun in that for a true Potter Head?  Warmth had to come from within a Harry Potter themed piece of apparel.  

Luckily, the first shop in Diagon Alley is Quality Quidditch Supplies.  It’s jam packed with—obviously—Quidditch gear of all kinds, like quaffle balls.  However, the store also carries apparel.  Since this isn’t typically a cold season, there weren’t many choices within a price range I’m comfortable.  The jackets and sweaters ($85) were especially pricy, but of very good quality. 
A welcoming young lady eases us into a purchase.

The associate we latched onto was a lovely young lady named Alyssa S.  We chatted for quite some time even though the store was busy.  There were plenty of other associates to assist other shoppers, so no one was waiting unnecessarily.  We felt quite welcome and comfortable due to Alyssa’s warm demeanor.  Therefore, even though the prices were a bit excessive, I decided to purchase a sweatshirt--I typically live in them during the winter.  
Alyssa and American Express saves us money. 
Not to imply that Alyssa pressured us into a purchase.  No.  Actually, she saved us money.  She informed us of an American Express discount.  Those who have the card and mention “American Express mobile app” can receive a 10% off purchases of $50 or more. 

Because of Alyssa’s demeanor and kindness, we will shop at Quality Quidditch Supplies each time we visit this park.

Was it worth the price? 
This sweatshirt is medium quality, made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester—very warm and appears as if it is fleece lined.  I typically pay around $25-$30 for this quality.  However, this isn’t just a sweatshirt.  It is also memorabilia.  It is something to help me remember my trip every time I wear it.  In my opinion, the Gryffindor patch and embroidered letters are beautiful and well applied, making this sweatshirt a meaningful purchase.  I love it and will wear it all winter. 

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What are your experiences?  Did you purchase anything at Universal Orlando?

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