Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wine: Bordeaux Resources

How to Find a Reasonably Priced Bordeaux White Wine

The Bordeaux Wine Council Makes Finding the Right Wine Fun and Easy


Find the right wine for a special occasion or just for tonight's dinner with this website.  

Enjoying a sumptuous meal served alfresco is a perfect way to enjoy the warmer weather.  I have the ideal spot in my backyard overlooking my herb and veggie garden--perfection.  As I watch the hummingbirds sip from my flowers, I also enjoy sipping from the vine.  After all, a delicious meal is even better with the right wine.  Nevertheless, how do I choose the right one?  

What does a video have to do with great wine?  

Since it's summer planting season, I recently perused YouTube for gardening videos, when a title piqued my interest: "Find the Perfect Bordeaux White Wine." As the wine lover I am, I clicked the link and found an exciting way to find a reasonably priced Bordeaux wine.  The cute animated video, produced by the Bordeaux Wine Council, delivers in 30 seconds the message that there is a white Bordeaux for every situation at a good price.  Intrigued, I decided to check out their website 

Is the site helpful? 

As an etiquette specialist, I often write about hosting issues, such as hosting guests. I also answer questions about hosting dinners, cocktail parties and I teach wine etiquette.  Therefore, what I found on Bordeaux.com excited me.  Yes, I could find just the right wine for various occasions, like dinner party wines.  However, I also found tutorials and videos about wine makers.  It's a great opportunity to learn everything about the wine experience, such as how to taste wine.   

Additionally, from the "Art of Living" section of the site, I learned that in the past wine bottles were also used for measuring items.  There are other interesting and informative articles as well, such as "Wine: discourse, lore, and legend".   

How can this site be used to find a wine for a dinner party?   

I clicked on the link for the website, which took me to the exact page I needed to find the perfect Bordeaux wine.  In the "Search by" field on the right of the page, I chose "All White" and "Dinner Party" under "Occasion".  The page filled with wine suggestions.   

Time to toast the warmer season with a few dinner guests! 

For my next dinner party, I'm trying the suggested Chateau La Dame Blanche 2010.  After doing a bit of research, I found it to be a great suggestion for the warmer weather, as it is made from the Sauvignon grape--refreshing and food friendly.  It has great reviews according to multiple wine websites.  I believe it will pair nicely with grilled chicken and summer vegetables.


  1. Let me know how you like the Chateau La Dame Blanche 2010 when you try it, Rebecca. I would love to know your opinion.

    1. I actually tried it recently and found it yummy, just perfect. It was a bit difficult to find though.