Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Entertaining: Mother/Daughter Tea

Celebrate Mother's Day With a Mother and Daughter Tea Party!

How to Plan and Enjoy Your Tea Party


May is all about Mother's Day and what better way to celebrate than to have a tea party with just the girls.  So, let's get ready for the big day by learning what to do for our special party! 

Plan the party together! 

Mom, it's best to involve your daughters in the planning of your party.  If you wish to invite other mothers and daughters, you will need to consider how many you can afford to host and accommodate.  Once this is decided, decide on what type of invitations to send.  Creating your invitations is so easy these days and will help to create the desired mood. Moreover, it is a fun activity to share with your daughters. 

You may wish to include attire choice on your invitations.  Dressing up is part of the tea party experience.  Encourage your guests to wear dresses and hats.   

Let them eat cake. 

We have our guest list and our invitations are in the mail.  Now it is time to plan the menu.  Choices are endless when it comes to tea accompaniments.  Decide if you want to offer substantial meal items such as sandwiches, meats, cheeses, and desserts or just sweets.  If you choose to provide just sweet treats, scones, biscuits, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and small pies are perfect choices.  Be sure and include traditional jam and clotted cream if serving scones or biscuits.

It is all about the tea. 

If guests include young girls under the age of twelve, it is best to serve decaffeinated tea like green and peppermint tea.  For those who do not suffer from caffeine, teas such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Lapsang Souchong are wonderful afternoon teas.  Do not forget to include lemon, sugar and milk for guests to add to their tea. 

What will guests need? 

Each guest will need a plate, cup with saucer, fork, teaspoon, knife, and napkin.  To serve your fare, you will need serving utensils, serving plates, teapot, and tongs for the lemon wedges.  If using tealeaves, you will also need something to put them into or something to strain them from the pot.  If using tea bags, you can simply remove them from the pot before serving the tea to your guests.

How to brew tea 

Add one teaspoon of tea -- or bag -- per six ounces of just boiling water to a clean teapot--always add water to the leaves.  Cover the pot and steep for five minutes.  Serve immediately and keep boiling water ready for more tea.  

How to drink tea 

If using, add milk or lemon to the cup followed by the tea. Using a serving teaspoon, add sugar to your tea and quietly stir with your teaspoon--never put the serving spoon in your tea. Behind your cup to the right of the handle, place your spoon quietly on the saucer.  Slip your index finger through the handle of the cup, secure the handle with your thumb, allowing the bottom to rest on your middle finger.  Fight the urge to extend the pinkie finger.  It is viewed as gauche.   

If seated, lift the cup from the saucer.  However, if standing, hold the saucer while lifting the cup to your mouth.  To avoid spilling, lower your eyes to see the cup while lifting to the lips. Sip the tea quietly, no slurping.   


·         Never clink the sides of the cup with your spoon and never leave it in your cup.

·         Do not sip your tea from the spoon or blow on hot tea.

·         Do not swirl the tea when it is getting low. 

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